Frequently Asked Questions



Tell us about being in Colorado.

In 2009 our family moved to Golden. My husband, an M.D. with public health, was born and raised in Boulder and had an opportunity to return, with a job at Denver Health. I had lived here before and always loved Colorado and its outdoor lifestyle. Now we are settled.


Where were you before?

Previously, I lived in the Santa Barbara area of California.l I had a practice there for nine years. During that time, I had referrals from psychiatrists, neurologists, pastors and pediatricians. I also worked with many who came for their own particular reasons.


What about  some of your other interests?

I have always enjoyed traveling. I have spent extended time in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. My husband and I and our two children are avid hikers and we all enjoy being creative in a variety of ways.


Where is your office?

It is located in a commercial office building in Golden with many other professionals, near I-70 and Youngfield, about one mile from Colorado Mills. The facilities also provide rooms for groups and easilty accommodate wheelchairs. There is an elevator to my suite on the third floor of the building.


What is the first visit like?

With nearly two decades of training and practice, I have a broad range of experience. Nonetheless, that first visit is very important for both the client and for me. During this initial evaluation, the goal is to make an accurate assessment and diagnosis of the situation and to offer specific treatment recommendations.


Does the doctor make house calls?

I discovered early on that being available in a comfortable setting for the patient is one of the most important aspects of what I do. There are occasions when I have found it most advantageous to go to the client. There are times when I have  found it useful to work over the phone.


How can people make their first contact with you?

Those interested should call my confidential office phone (303-205-8491) and leave a voice message telling me when it is most convenient for me to call them. I will return the call promptly and answer their question about my practice. We will discuss the nature of their concern and arrange an appointment, if desired. There is no cost for the phone consultation.